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Whether you are a true wine connoisseur or someone who enjoys an occasional glass now and then, it may surprise you to find out Houston is a haven for wine lovers. With a number of wineries around the city, you can take tours, sample different wines, and maybe even participate in a grape stomp. Best of all, once you’ve finished your tours and picked up a bottle or two along the way, you can make plans to stop by one of our seven Proguard Self-Storage locations in Houston and learn more about our wine storage units.

Timing Your Wine Tours

If you love spending a day touring beautiful wineries, sampling new and exciting blends, making a few new friends, and enjoying the beautiful Houston weather, you’re not alone. In fact, touring wineries is becoming so popular for city residents that Houston Historical Tours offers wine tours throughout the year. However, most who know their wines say there are certain times of the year that are better than others, with the best being early April and late October. However, if you have your heart set on stomping some grapes at a winery, you’ll need to take your tour in July or August when the Houston heat is at its max. But remember that even though you might work up a sweat stomping those grapes, a fine bottle of wine awaits you later on.

Keeping Your Wine Fresh

While touring a winery, learning how the best wines are made, and drinking a few samples is certainly a fun experience, nothing compares to sitting down at home and uncorking an exquisite vintage you’ve been eager to try for quite some time. Yet for many people, problems can develop when the wine bottle still has a bit left over. When this happens, you may think simply putting the cork back in the bottle will do the trick. Unfortunately, this leads to too much air in the bottle, which will leave you with wine that to say the least won’t taste very good.

Inert Gas and Small Bottles

To make sure you don’t wind up having to pour your leftover wine down the drain, there are a couple of tricks you can use. First, you can take about $10 of your hard-earned money and buy a can of inert gas. Once you’ve done so, just spray a small amount of the gas back into the wine bottle before putting on the cork, which will keep the wine fresh. Also, if you tend to buy larger bottles of wine, transfer any leftovers to smaller bottles, since this will mean the bottles are full of wine and not excess air that can spoil the taste.

Climate-Controlled Storage

Should you decide you need a place to store your wine collection, check out our wine storage facilities here at Proguard. Once you do, one of the first things you’ll notice is the climate-controlled storage units. Featuring precision controls, natural gas backup generators that will prevent a power outage from spoiling your wine, and even motion-sensitive lighting with UV protection, you can’t go wrong once you trust your wine collection to us here at Proguard.

Keeping Your Wine Collection Secure

Along with making sure your wine will be stored in a climate-controlled facility, you also want the peace of mind that the wine storage facility you choose will be extremely safe and secure. Here at Proguard, we can guarantee this to be true of our wine storage facilities. To begin with, all wine storage clients have a private entrance to the facility, and must pass through multi-layered security systems to ensure only authorized individuals gain entrance. In addition, we offer individually-alarmed storage units that immediately alert you and local authorities, ensuring your collection will remain as safe as possible.

Large and Small Collections

Whether you are just beginning your wine collection or already have a vast array of different wines, we at Proguard have the storage facility you need. Depending upon your needs, our wine storage facilities can hold as few as 21 bottles of wine to as many as 692. Thus, whether you’re looking for a storage unit that gives your collection room to grow or one that will hold a collection you’ve completed for the moment, Proguard offers the perfect wine storage solution.

If you want to learn more about our wine storage options, call us at 800-487-2135, visit us online at, or stop by any of our seven Houston facilities to speak with us in person.

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