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Whether you have a private wine collection you have been building for many years or are a business owner needing to store wine, beer, or other alcoholic beverages for your restaurant or liquor store, it’s important you know the basics when it comes to proper storage solutions. If you don’t, the result may be a wine collection ruined by bottle after bottle of spoiled wine, or maybe a business inventory that shrinks dramatically and causes your business to take a financial loss. Whatever the case may be, it is quite possible to keep your collection or inventory in excellent condition once you know the basics of alcohol storage. If you’re ready to learn these important tips and how storing your alcoholic beverages with us here at Proguard can benefit you or your business, pay attention to the following suggestions.

Proper Temperature

No matter what type of alcoholic beverage you need to store, it is crucial the storage area be kept at an ideal temperature. For wine, beer, and most other alcoholic beverages, maintaining a temperature of between 55-65 degrees Fahrenheit will ensure spoilage does not take place. Should temperatures rise close to 70 degrees, wine and other beverages will begin to lose their balance and flavor. To make sure you have your collection or inventory stored in an area where temperatures can be kept steady 24/7, rent a wine storage unit from Proguard.

Little or No Light

When it comes to wine, little if any light is always recommended for its storage space. Should direct sunlight, incandescent light, or even fluorescent light be shining on your wine on a regular basis, it will eventually start to alter its chemical balance, causing it to spoil. Since the same holds true for various other types of alcohol, don’t take a chance on losing valuable bottles from your wine collection or business inventory. Instead, begin renting a storage unit here at Proguard. By doing so, you’ll have a storage space that will always remain dark and cool, ensuring your wine will always age consistently.

No More Skunky Beer

If you have ever opened a bottle of beer, taken a drink, and found it tasting stale and smelling like the odors of a skunk, it is an experience you likely have not forgotten. As to why this occurs, you can thank sunlight for this one. Even though being exposed to direct light won’t cause beer to spoil and make you sick, it will result in beer that tastes stale and smells like a skunk. Rather than finding yourself and your customers holding their noses when the beer bottles are opened, trust your beer inventory to us here at Proguard.

Secure Storage Areas

From valuable wine collections to business inventories, we at Proguard know you have a large amount of money invested in your alcoholic beverages. Because of this, our storage areas are as secure as any in the industry. To begin with, you will have a private entrance to your wine storage facility, which is guarded by our multi-layered security system. Along with this, you can also expect to find 24/7 security and video surveillance, which acts as a strong deterrent to anyone who may be thinking of burglarizing or vandalizing the storage area. Finally, each unit is individually-alarmed, meaning that should an unauthorized person attempt to break in, the alarm will immediately go off and notify you and security personnel so that immediate action can be taken.

Large and Small Collections or Inventories

For some customers who want to store their wine collection, they may have only around 20 bottles that need to be stored and secured. However, other customers may have wine collections of almost 700 bottles. Whether you have a large or small collection or inventory from a restaurant or business, don’t think we at Proguard cannot be of assistance. Offering storage units that can hold slightly more than 20 bottles to ones that can hold up to 692 bottles, we definitely have the right storage facility for you and your wine and other alcoholic beverages.

On-site Management

Unlike some storage facilities in Houston that do not have on-site management at their locations, we at Proguard believe it is very important to have experienced and knowledgeable on-site managers at our facilities during the day and night. By doing so, our managers can not only play a crucial role in keeping the storage areas secure, but can also be available to answer your questions at any time. Since our managers are some of the best in the business, you can count on us here at Proguard to provide you with the highest levels of excellence in customer service.

Many Convenient Locations

Since we have seven locations in and around the Houston area, you can be sure you will have a storage facility for your collection or inventory that is near your home or place of business. When this is combined with our facilities always having 24/7 access for our customers, you’ll be able to add new bottles to your wine collection, grab some items from your inventory for your store or restaurant, or simply stop by to check on your storage unit.

We Handle Deliveries

As an added benefit to using our storage facilities here at Proguard, we also accept deliveries for our clients who store their inventories with us. Thus, rather than having wine, beer, or other alcoholic beverages delivered to one place and then having to load them up and bring them to your Proguard storage unit, you can simply have your deliveries brought here instead, saving you time and effort.

If you like what you’ve read so far, you’ll be even more excited once you learn more about our storage units here at Proguard. To start with, you can visit us online at and discover even more fascinating facts about us. Afterwards, you can call us at 800-487-2135 or stop by a location near you to find out about rental options and so much more.

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