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There’s a certain magic that collectible items hold. When someone throws on a vintage dress or rides around in a 1960’s Corvette, they are embodying a piece of history. Collectors delight in the idea that one item has been passed around throughout many years. At Proguard self storage, we see this with our customers who come to store their extensive wine collections in our climate controlled storage spaces.

Many people think that starting a wine collection means paying upwards of $1,000 per bottle, but a vintage wine collection can start at a much lower price range and be just as much fun for the collector. Anyone can join in the magic of a wine collection by following some of the tips below:

  1. Plan ahead: Figure out where you are going to store your wine before you start purchasing bottles. Wines need to be kept in dark places at a 55 to 57 degree temperature. You can create a storage space at your home or utilize our wine storage facility at the Museum District. The care you put into your wine will show when you open the bottle later on.
  2. Get organized: Create a system for keeping track of your wines. Maybe you’d like to keep everything in a spreadsheet or a book somewhere in the house. Include things like the name of the wine, the year it was made and when you purchased it.
  3. Buy what you like: Remember that this collection is for you. Sure you may want to sell off some of your wines in the future, but your wines are also meant to be enjoyed along the way. Buy wines that really speak to your pallet.
  4. Taste test: Whenever you have the opportunity to do so, taste your wine. One of the best ways to do this is by going to the winery or visiting a vineyard. If you’re looking for some worthy spots to check out, you can visit Texas Wine Lover for a list of wineries and vineyards.
  5. Do your research: Learn what’s on the market. You can start by picking a few locations you love and buying their wines. For example, if you love Tuscany, do some research on the types of wine that come from Tuscany and what the region is best known for. Find a merchant you can trust who can guide you through your inquiries.

Remember that the wines you purchase can vary largely in price. If you follow these tips, you’ll be sure to enjoy your wine collection no matter the budget.

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