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Texas history and wine may not seem like two peas in a pod. But in fact, the Lone Star State has a long and storied history of wine production thanks to its sunny, dry climate. Texas is home to more than 36 members of the Vitis grape family, and 15 are native species.

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Early Texas wines

Hundreds of years before vines grew in places known for their wine — including New York and California — Texans were making wine. Texas stands as one of the nation’s oldest wine-growing states.

Needing wine for sacraments, Franciscan priests planted Mission vines and produced some of the first known wines in Texas near El Paso in the 1650s. Over time, several wines unique to Texas appeared from hundreds of varieties of hybrid grapes. But during Prohibition in the 1920s, the Texas wine industry nearly went extinct.

The 1970s saw a revival of winemaking in Texas with the founding of La Buena Vida winery in Springtown and Llano Estacado and Pheasant Ridge wineries near Lubbock. The wineries kicked off a resurgence of Texas wines, and the industry continues to thrive.

Today’s Texas wine industry

Many types of grapes grow well in Texas thanks to the state’s varied climate regions. Texas’ most popular wines are Cabernet Sauvignon and Chardonnay, followed by Chenin blanc and Sauvignon blanc. In all, the state boasts 21 different recognized wine varieties.

With so many great wines produced in the state, Texas also is home to a growing number of connoisseurs. These wine lovers make sure to find climate-controlled, secure Houston wine storage for their made-in-Texas collections.

Texas holds the rank of the nation’s fifth-largest state for wine production. With almost 2 million gallons of wine produced annually, Texas can look forward to a bright future for its wine industry.

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