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If you have ever wondered why wine is kept in cellars that are dark and cool, you’re not alone. After all, there is quite a bit of mystery connected to this liquid refreshment that sets around and ages for decades and decades. Should you be a lover of fine wine and want to know more about the basics of wine storage, here are some fascinating facts about wine and why you should rent a wine storage unit from us here at Proguard.

A Cool 55 Degrees

While you may think a temperature of 55 degrees is a bit cool, your wine collection will feel right at home at this temperature. However, finding a place in your home or business where you can consistently keep a temperature of 55 degrees can be a bit hard. To help with this, rent a wine storage unit from Proguard. Since our wine storage units contain high-tech temperature and humidity controls, maintaining a 55-degree atmosphere won’t be a problem.

Don’t Stack Your Wine

Whether you have a private wine collection or an inventory for your liquor store or restaurant, the last thing you want to be doing is leaving crates of wine stacked up in a corner day after day. If you do, the corks on the wine bottles will dry out and begin to crack, which can result in bottle after bottle of wine spoiling. By renting a wine storage unit, you can avoid this catastrophe. Since we have wine storage units available for large and small collections, you’ll have plenty of room to lay each bottle on its side, which will help keep the cork moist and prevent spoilage.

Aging in the Dark

While Bruce Springsteen may have enjoyed dancing in the dark, your wine collection will enjoy aging in the dark. Rather than having your wine bottles set around inside your home or business and be exposed to incandescent lighting, fluorescent lights, or worst of all direct sunlight, rent a wine storage unit here at Proguard and let your wine spends its time in a cool, dark setting.

Corks Big and Small

Believe it or not, the corks in a wine bottle can actually get bigger or smaller depending on where the wine is stored. As to why this happens, it has everything to do with fluctuating temperatures. When temperatures go up and down, the liquid inside a bottle as well as the cork can expand and contract. When this happens to the cork, small openings can result that allow oxygen to enter the bottle, which in turn spoils the wine inside. However, if you place your wine in a specialized wine storage unit here at Proguard, you won’t find yourself with an unexpected surprise when you open your next bottle of wine.

A Valuable Commodity

Depending on the size of your wine collection and how valuable certain bottles may be, it is possible your collection could be valued at well over $1 million. When this is the case, you of course want to take every precaution possible to keep your collection secured from thieves and vandals. While you could have a security system in your home for this, there’s no guarantee it will be as effective as needed. However, our wine storage units here at Proguard are considered highly-effective and state-of-the-art in terms of security features. To begin with, our wine storage area has a private entrance that is only accessible to our clients. In addition, the entrance is guarded by a multi-layered security system, guaranteeing only our clients can gain access to their wine storage units. Finally, should the unthinkable happen and someone does try to break into your storage unit to commit theft or vandalism, each unit is equipped with its own individual alarm system. Should this alarm be activated, it will automatically send an alert to you as well as police, ensuring a quick capture of those committing the crime.

Different Wines have Different Needs

If you have an extensive collection that includes many different varieties of wines, each may have different needs to keep them in excellent condition. We realize this here at Proguard, which is why our wine storage units are equipped to handle the needs of even the most sophisticated of collections.

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