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Two things that undoubtedly go together? Food and wine. With Valentine’s Day quickly approaching, now is the perfect time to plan on how to make your weekend of love that much more memorable. Here are a few tips to pair your favorite dishes with a complimentary wine.

Love a Pinot Noir or have a tried-and-true Chardonnay on-hand? Drinking what you like is the first rule of food and wine pairings. You can’t go wrong with flavors you know your tastebuds enjoy. But don’t get stuck! There are so many new and interesting wines to explore, so don’t miss out on trying varieties from countries you are less familiar with.

Next, what’s your style? When thinking about wine pairing, everything points back to style. This refers to the elements in the wine that lend themselves to its overall feeling in your mouth such as viscosity, acidity, tannins and alcohol level, flavor and intensity. You want to match the components of your dish with your wine, but sometimes a contrasting palate is ideal. When looking for a wine to pair with your special meal, first think about the main dish’s prominent flavor. For example, is it a fatty dish or an acidic dish? Then find a wine that will make your dish center stage.

Chances are you’ve paired white wine with fish, and red wine with meat. There are, however, layers to this generalization. Depending on how your fish is prepared, it’s possible to have a very light white wine be overpowered by, for example, a rich, creamy sauce. If you plan to add lemon or other acidic elements to your recipe, then think of how acidic your wine pairing needs to be. Either choose a low-acid wine to contrast it, or select one that actually matches that acidity level.

Another important element of creating a perfect wine experience is how you store your wine. Proguard Self Storage has versatile options that make it easy to keep your favorites, both old and new, in a practical and comfortable place. Security is a top priority, so clients will always have access to a private entrance into the facility that’s fitted with multi-layered security systems. In addition, your storage unit will feature an individual alarm to help immediately alert both you and the authorities to any dangers your collection might be in.

Proguard’s Houston wine storage units can hold between 21-692 cases of wine, so there is plenty of space to store your prized possessions. Maintaining your wine at the appropriate temperature is crucial to maintaining your collection, which is why we also offer precision-controlled climates with redundancies to prevent the unit from getting too hot or too cold.

Now that you’re ready to pair to perfection, just remember that no beautiful evening has ever been ruined by the wrong wine choice. This Valentine’s Day, you can make an educated decision on your wines and have a remarkable evening without hesitation.

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