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Most people either drink red or white wine. Some like both. Regardless of your preference, having some basic understanding and knowledge of the different types of wines and grapes they are made with will benefit you, both for personal and conversational reasons. We have been becoming increasingly involved in the world of wines since the opening of our Houston wine storage location in the Museum District.

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Well let’s get down to it. Below are the four most popular types of white wine grapes:

Chardonnay – This type of delicious white is most commonly enjoyed with dishes involving fish or chicken. This type can also be found in a sparkling variety. Rich citrus flavors and more body than other white wines .

Sauvignon Blanc – This grassy white wine is very aromatic. They at times can feature vegetable character. This type of wine can most commonly be found being served along side to seafood and poultry. The most common region for Sauvignon Blanc grape and wine production is in New Zealand. This light wine is enjoyed my many, and a less bold variety than Chardonnay.

Reisling – Much like the rest of the white varieties, this type of wine is generally served with chicken and fish. In addition, Reisling wines can also be found commonly served with pork dishes. Mainly coming from Germany, Reisling grapes produce lighter wines with fruity aromas.

Pino Grigio – Pino Gris grapes come from a large family of grapes, Pino. It features a darker tint than your typical white wine, and can be found mainly in Italy and Germany. This variety is very popular in the united states, due to it’s fruity flavor and relatively inexpensive price tag.

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