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Living in Houston has lots of perks. It’s full of culture, history, great food, and a ton of nightlife. Like all cities, it’s more fast paced than most places, which is why we make sure to savor the moments when we can wind down for a while.

Only an hour away from Houston, Texas has a selection of beaches where you can go to lay down and listen to nothing but the sound of the surf. Imagine a completely tranquil night time picnic with a blanket in the sand, some wine and cheese for pairing.

You can set the scene on one of these four beaches:

  1. Galveston Island State Park– Known best for its picnicking spots, Galveston Island has room to set up campsites right along the beach. The entry fee is only $5.
  2. Surfside Beach– Only an hour from downtown Houston, this beach offers white sand and a sleepy town. Its population is only 500 and if you’re looking for a longer stay, you can rent a beach house for very little.
  3. East Beach– This beach is known for its entertainment and festivities. You can catch live bands, festivals and sports tournaments here.
  4. Sylvan Beach Park– Only 30 minutes away from downtown Houston, this beach is a 32 acre white sand park along the Galveston Bay. The location includes picnic tables and an air conditioned pavilion.

If you have an extensive wine collection, we have wine storage units that hold anywhere from 21 to 692 cases of wine, that way you can rest assured that while you’re at the beach, your collection will be kept at the perfect temperature.

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