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Can you believe it’s holiday season again? While some of us are already frantically looking up recipes, and some are scrambling to clear out the guest bedroom for surprise visits, we’ve got one thing on our minds: wine pairings! We’re already helping our wine storage customers unload the perfect reds for their holiday meals. Call us fanatic, but spending all that time safely storing away prized Merlot has made us info aficionados. Nothing says “holiday spirit” like good food, great people, and marvelous wine! So for you, our valued Proguard customers (or visitors!), we’ve compiled a couple of dreaming pairings for your holiday meals.

Happy browsing! Don’t forget to share some of your favorite pairings with us in the comments below.


A light red wine is an ideal choice for a thick, juicy turkey, doing double duty by bringing out cranberry flavors as well. This romantic wine will also stir up those loving feelings, cranky uncles included. With deep flavor profiles like ripe berries, warm vanilla, and spicy oak, this red is a must-have at your holiday table.

We recommend: Meiomi Pinot Noir ($15-$32)


These wines pair delightfully with herbal flavors and green dishes, like green beans, brussel sprouts, and asparagus. Described as the “Ultimate French Sauvignon Blanc”, this charming wine finishes with bright gooseberry flavors, mitigated by a mysterious, smoky finish. Magnifique!

We recommend: Domaine Auchere 2015 ($20)


Get a little exotic with your dessert wine! Tokaji wine, or Tokay, is a delightfully sweet wine with notes of apricot, honey, and kumquat. Pair this with a spicy pumpkin dessert and prepare to be blown away.

We recommend: The Royal Tokaji Aszu 5 Puttonyos ($45)

Enjoy your delightful Thanksgiving meal! Remember: drink responsibly, and store your wine responsibly with Proguard Storage Wine Solutions. 

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