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As one of the Lone Star State's most diverse cities, Houston is home to many different people, businesses, and activities. From restaurants and shopping centers to parks and even self storage facilities such as Proguard, residents can find virtually anything they need. For folks who live in the Spring Branch area, finding storage units near Hedwig Village, TX is never a problem, since a Proguard location is nearby. But along with having access to storage units that are climate-controlled, equipped with the latest security features, and available in many sizes to store anything from clothing to cars, there are also many other wonderful things associated with living in the Spring Branch area and Hedwig Village.

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About Hedwig Village

Offering residents the feel of a small suburban area, Hedwig Village is located within Memorial Villages and is very family-friendly. With its hiking and biking trails, it appeals to those who like to lead an active lifestyle. With many of its earliest settlers coming from Germany, you will find many streets named after some of these early pioneering immigrants. As the area has grown through the years, it has seen its real estate be in higher and higher demand, and has found itself ranked as one of the best areas to live within all of Texas. From its highly-regarded public schools, low crime rate, and well-known international dining options to greenspaces that allow for plenty of fun time outdoors, Hedwig Village has something for everyone.

Fun Activities in Hedwig Village

When you live in Hedwig Village, there will be no shortage of fun activities for all ages. One of the most popular is the simulated skydive you can experience at iFly. Located just off Katy Freeway between Spring Branch East and West, you can put on your parachute and then immerse yourself in the vertical wind tunnel, where an instructor will guide you through a simulated skydive that feels as if you just jumped out of a plane. Lasting 60 seconds, it's an experience you'll never forget.

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On the other hand, if you want to gather the kids for some quality time together outside, head to nearby Moritz Pech Family Park. Named after one of the earliest German settlers in the Spring Branch area, you'll find a couple of excellent playgrounds, plenty of picnic tables, and a well-maintained walking trail. In addition to this park, you may also want to visit Agnes Moffitt Park, where you and your family can engage in a friendly game of disc golf or cool off in the park's swimming pool.

What are the Best Restaurants in Hedwig Village?

With its array of international cuisine, you won't have any trouble finding a great meal that will satisfy your taste buds in and around Hedwig Village. Since the majority of the restaurants in the Spring Branch area are in fact owned by local residents, it's a great way to get a wonderful meal while also supporting local business owners. For many folks, dining on gyros at Simply Greek is a great option for dinner any night of the week. But if your tastes run more towards Korean cuisine, you can do like numerous Spring Branch residents and have Korean BBQ at the Garden Restaurant, or instead head to the Korean Noodle House to sample their world-famous bulgogi and kimchi fried rice.

If you're like more and more residents in Hedwig Village, you've taken quite a shine to the numerous food trucks that have started to do business in and around Spring Branch. Two of the best are El Ultimo and Taqueria El Taconazo, both of which serve breakfast tacos that have quickly gained in popularity with people looking to put a new spin on their opening meal of the day.

Two Meat Gyros from Simply Greek Gyros in Hedwig Village
Source: Postmates of Simply Greek Gyros

Shopping in Hedwig Village

Since living in Hedwig Village gives residents easy access to I-10, the 610 Loop, and Beltway 8, getting to the downtown area and other nearby spots for shopping is never a problem. For many, a shopping trip is not a true shopping excursion without stopping at the Memorial City Mall. Side-by-side with the Galleria in terms of popular shopping spots in Houston, the mall has been extensively renovated and now features an array of local and nationally-known businesses.

As for picking up a few groceries, many in Hedwig Village have a taste for traditional Asian foods, and thus make regular visits to the 99 Ranch Market. Once inside, you can find almost anything, ranging from fish that is sushi-grade to lesser-known Jack Fruit, an exotic Asian fruit that will have your taste buds thanking you with each bite.

Beautiful Neighborhoods

Featuring a cul-de-sac lifestyle, Hedwig Village real estate runs the gamut from older homes to newly-constructed single-family homes and townhouses that feature low-maintenance living. From streets lined with exquisite oak trees to homes featuring some of today's most innovative designs, everyone from young families and fast-track professionals to retirees can find a great home in Hedwig Village.

As it continues to grow, Hedwig Village as a whole will attract more people, more businesses, and thus have even more to offer in the coming years. If you are making the move to Hedwig Village and find yourself needing storage units and facilities for furniture, clothing, electronics, or even your cars or wine collection, stop by your nearby Proguard location soon to find out how we can help.

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